Loft Martino

Loft Martino, the location designed for the production of commercials, video productions, film productions and photo shoots.

Originally, it was an empty warehouse stripped of any objects. The purchase was finalized with the aim of renting it for office use.
We asked ourselves: "But why not dedicate it to something different, so that anyone who enters inside is moved and impressed by what they see?"
The intuition of the Martino family was born:
to create a unique environment, which knows how to stand out from the crowd with that touch of elegance, modernity and attention to detail.
A long process of study and planning, which lasted several years, without ever losing sight of the spirit of the location:
to give emotions.
The "Loft Martino" project was born.

"Some places you don't just look at. They breathe with the soul".

What do we believe?

We, at Loft Martino, are sure we can offer a quality location, as we know very well the needs of production companies.

Why choose us?

Loft Martino offers a great variety of spaces and scenarios, where modernity and elegance meet to create unique scenes and short films. The location allows you to customize and create different types of sets based on the needs of the production and the director.

The customer, at the center of everything.

We don't limit ourselves to just offering a service, but we provide support and hospitality to the crew, because customer satisfaction is our best reward (quote by Lino Banfi).

Our promise.

The production of commercials is a very important phase for any marketing campaign, as the goal is to send a concrete message to a large and targeted audience. The correct choice of location for a production company therefore becomes a determining factor, as
where the commercial is made can greatly affect the quality of the final result.

We at Loft Martino are well aware of how film, video and TV productions require an adequate location, perfectly equipped and ready for use.

This is where we come in! :
"Loft Martino, the stage set up to measure, based on the specific needs of professionals in the sector".