Loft Martino

Loft Martino has the particularity of enclosing multiple spaces in a single location, from the kitchen, to the living room, to the meeting room with corner bar, to the relaxation room and much more, offering production companies the possibility of creating sets in many contexts, including including commercials and film shoots.


Loft, the kitchen

Fully functional. It is characterized by an island with an induction hob and a design suspended extractor hood. There is a large rectangular table and a pellet stove with a particular shape. The environment is very spacious and bright; this context offers dynamism for the production of commercials.


Loft, the living room

A unique environment of its kind, modern and elegant. The furnishings and details make it its strong point. Very spacious and bright, thanks to the presence of numerous windows and the height of the ceiling which measures 5.20 m at the highest point. The living area is located halfway between the two mezzanines, which are open and contain glass walls. A very suitable context for fiction and more.

Meeting room

In the room there is a square-shaped wooden table and chairs in a contrasting color. There is also a wall covered in wood with dedicated lighting, a designer staircase and an illuminated corner bar hidden inside the column cabinet.

Wardrobe room / relaxation room

The room is characterized by a round sofa, furniture with a lacquered surface and a glass wall that gives visual access to the large living room. Furthermore you have access to the master bedroom thanks to the staircase. 

Double bedroom

The room is located on an open mezzanine with a view from above. The floor is parquet. There is a particular lighting that makes the environment warm. Furthermore, during bad weather, the sound of rain can be heard on the roof, creating a special atmosphere.

Bedroom / office

The room is located on an open mezzanine with a view from above. The floor is parquet. The sofa turns into a cot and the desk is made to measure, made up of a polished steel and glass frame. The context is also suitable for office use.

Bar area

Inside the column cabinet, there is a bar corner with automatic lighting and internal mirrors.
A detail that can offer dynamism and creativity for many types of scenes.

High ceiling

Both in the kitchen area and in the living room, the highest point of the ceiling measures 5.20 m., this allows the eventual positioning of microphones, lights and cameras during filming.

Staircase and lift

This area represents the entrance to the location. It is characterized by a cabinet with mirror, gray marble stairs with polished steel handrail and a private lift that facilitates the possible transport of equipment.

Assistance and reception service

"Your satisfaction is our best reward!", quote by Lino Banfi. Our team is ready to welcome and assist the crew.

A modern and elegant location

A Loft that knows how to stand out from all the others, where every detail has been designed and built with a specific purpose: "to convey an emotion".

Technical data sheet:

  • Size: 226 m2.
  • Wifi connection.
  • Air conditioning and heat pump.
  • Electricity (15 kW) and water.
  • 2 bathrooms, one with shower.
  • A mezzanine used as a dressing room and/or equipment storage.
  • Assistance and welcome to the crew.
  • Loading/unloading parking and large free parking 150 meters away.
  • Lift.

View the complete technical data sheet and the floor plan by clicking on the download button.

Technical data sheet.pdf